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100% Polyester | Anti-Stain


490 g/m2

Abrasion Resistance (Martindale), cycles: 

35 000

The upholstery jacquard fabric in a beige and cream modern geometric design offers a combination of style and functionality. The soft and cozy texture provides comfort while the anti-stain treatment ensures easier maintenance and better durability. The cream white and beige colors provide a neutral and versatile option that can easily match different styles and color schemes in a space.

Modern geometric design can complement a variety of interior styles and spaces. It works well in contemporary or mid-century modern interiors, as the geometric patterns add visual interest and a touch of sophistication. This type of fabric can also be used in eclectic or bohemian decor to provide a bold and unique statement. Additionally, it can add a modern twist to traditional or transitional interiors, creating a fresh and stylish look. Ultimately, the versatility of a modern geometric upholstery fabric allows it to fit seamlessly into a range of interior design schemes, making it a versatile and stylish choice for upholstery projects.

The anti-stain treatment creates a barrier that helps prevent liquid and dirt from immediately penetrating the fabric, allowing for quick and easier cleanup and prolonging the lifespan of the upholstery.

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