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Are your napkins ready for Christmas?

Do you agree - when it comes to Christmas, table decoration is one of those important things which makes the whole picture festive? For me setting Christmas table is also the most pleasant part of creating the atmosphere of the great day.

There is absolutely no need for very expensive decorations. Just go to your local artists fair and you will definitely find something very cosy small things which will turn your table into one-of-a-kind. Even more, you will do a good job supporting small creative business by buying directly from artists.

Christmas table decor

Last year the main accent of my Christmas table was two small hand knitted sheep bought on a local community Christmas market in Vilnius. Beautiful, charming, stylish and not so expensive.

The main rule which I try to follow each time I set the table is keeping decorations minimalist. Decorations should not outshine the presentation of gourmet food (especially cake which is usually quite impressive...).

Christmas cake

I also use calm colours of table linens. White, natural linen and mossy green are my favourite colours both for tablecloths and napkins (no table will look good without them, I think).

White linen napkins for Christmas table

White beautiful linen napkins is classics (buy here)

Natural linen napkins for Christmas table decor

Light grey linen napkins hand made of pure linen will add minimalism and sophisticated simplicity (buy here)

Moss green linen napkins for Christmas table decor

Turn your table in tune with nature by choosing mossy green linen napkins (buy here)

Do not wait until the last days before Christmas to make your napkins ready. And make sure you will have enough linen towels for the busy Christmas time :).

Modern stylish kitchen towel

White Christmas table

Have the greatest Christmas! (check here for beautiful handmade candles)

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