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My garden. Part I

Let's have a short break outside my creative studio. I am a big lover of gardens, and I am so happy to have started creating my own. Well, at the moment there is not so much to show, as the main work will start this autumn and next spring. But I do have a design plan and have already planted my hornbeam hedge which I am really proud of!

In autumn 2012 my husband brought three hundred hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) plants, about 20-40 cm high, which were grown by a forest nurserie in Western Lithuania. Before that we saw hornbeam hedges only in European countries with warmer climate, and were not sure if we succeed with our hedge. The northernmost European line of Carpinus betulus areal is crossing Lithuania, and we live just above that line. Anyway, we decided to take risks.

Hornbeam hedge newly planted

October 2012. Hornbeam hedge just planted.

I pruned the plants twice (in late June and late August) during the first summer in 2013. This was done to encourage as many new branches as possible. The plants were really small after pruning. At that time it seemed the hedge would have to grow ages to reach more „hedgy“ view.

Growing hornbeam hedge

Young hornbeam hedge

June/July 2013. The first summer. The plants after the first pruning.

In 2014 I pruned the hornbeams only once in July. Both in 2013 and 2014 pruning was done individually to every single plant. Bigger plants were pruned very lightly, but smaller plants were done more drastically to stimulate response. Now in summer 2015 I love so much what I see.

Hornbeam hedge in the garden

Beautiful hornbeam hedge naturalist garden

June 2, 2015. The third summer.

To be continued... :)

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