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Discover local gourmet food in Vilnius

Do you buy souvenirs in countries you visit? What kind of souvenir do you prefer getting from your friends travelling abroad? Would you vote for something edible? Something local, high quality and delicious?

gourmet food Vilnius

If you or your friends are culinary lovers, let me suggest a perfect place you should visit when travelling to Lithuanian capital Vilnius. A salad bar „Mano Guru“ is located in one of central streets in the city, Vilniaus street 22/1 and hosts a weekly local farmers market.

Every Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. farmers from across Lithuania offer gourmet cheese, organic herbal tea, home-baked bread, home-made chicken and quail eggs, local natural honey, fruit and vegetables. The market is small and very cosy with people enjoying friendly communication.

gourmet cheese and modern linen towels

Gorgeous aged cheese produced by 'Varinis puodas' cheese farmers in Southern Lithuania.

organic herbal tea and grey linen napkin

Organic herbal tea from 'Grybų dvaras' manor farm in Eastern Lithuania.

Linen kitchen towels and napkins handmade by Linenspace.


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