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Linen pillows for stylish cottage

Stylish and romantic place to relax - isn't it what many of us dream of when it comes to cottage or country house? Fluttering cherry blossoms in early spring, wild midsummer meadow swaying in the wind, lovely scent of lavender in the linen chest, freshly baked blueberry pie with a cup of herbal tea, and a warm chat with friends surrounded by comfortable linen pillows on your sofa...

Linen pillowcases with handpainted French lavender

Many of my linen pillows are inspired by the charm of Mediterranean and cottage chic style, with hight attention to balanced elegant floral design.

Beautiful linen pillow for Scandinavian interior

Some of my pillows are made of vintage hand woven pure linen - that is what I love particularly. See more cottage style linen cozies handmade by Linenspace.

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