Difference between off white and snow white

When it comes to choosing solid white linen pillow covers, one of the most common questions is about the difference between off white and snow white colors.

Snow white linen

If you look for classic white, you probably think about snow white linen. Sometimes it is called optic white, pure white, bleached linen, without any yellowness in its shade. Being neutral color, snow white has ability to work nice paired with any other color. However, snow white is colder compared to off white, and usually it looks best in combination with other colder “bluish“ shades, like light pastel blue, bluish green, indigo, violet, cold pink, purple, black.

Off white linen

Off white color is sometimes called milk white, cream white, antique white. It is warmer shade of white, not as bright as optic white. Off white linen is semi bleached, therefore, it naturally has some yellowness left from the original natural linen fiber. This makes the off white color look more subtle, so it works perfect with all warmer colors like oatmeal, brown, warm green, red, beige, orange. Off white also looks perfect paired with natural undyed linen.

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