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What color is flax fabric: about the natural linen color

My clients often ask me to describe the color of natural flax fabric, undyed linen. Very often it is called „linen grey“, but in reality the color is not classic grey, as many people might imagine.

modern natural linen pillow case for decorative throw cushion

Decorative pillow cover crafted of natural flax fabric | by LinenSpace

The color of undyed natural linen depends a lot on the flax growing conditions, as it retains the color of the flax fiber. It means that every roll of this natural fabric might have slightly different shade, ranging from ecru, oatmeal, beige or taupe to almost grey, as well as from lighter to darker tones.

It would be great to remember this when ordering multiple things made of dye free linen – if you buy things made of flax fabric from different rolls (this may happen if you buy from different sellers, or in time distance), you might expect the shade of the fabric to be slightly different. Still, I have to say that all the shades of natural flax fabric work nice together.

For my clients I usually offer this photo (see below). I made it in the daylight to help compare classic black, darker grey, lighter grey, optic (snow) white and natural undyed flax fabric colors.

Comparison of black, gray, white and natural undyed linen colours

(C) Linenspace

In general, the color of natural flax fabric, undyed linen is warm grey, greyish taupe, or neutral taupe with grey undertone, sometimes it is close to oatmeal. It is simple, neutral, elegant and natural color which goes beautifully with many other warm shades.

Laced natural linen tablecloth on modern table

Natural linen burlap tablecloth (available now in our shop)

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