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Beautiful Bouclé

Bouclé fabric is woven from a specific looped yarn, it comes in variety of “curly” and “knotted” textures. Choosing bouclé for your interior is a perfect way to add texture, depth and create subtle accent details in your space.

Bouclé textures look especially gorgeous in Scandinavian and minimalist style interiors, where neutral and calm color schemes typically dominate.

In our LinenSpace studio we craft beautiful custom bench cushions in boucle. Ivory white, neutral cream or medium oatmeal, light gray, or black and white options are perfect for adding coziness, warmth, softness and perfect visual interest into most contemporary interiors.

Ivory white custom bench cushion is one of the most loved by our clients. It is crafted of cotton and polyester mix and has anti-stain treatment.

The oatmeal boucle option has a bit different texture compare to the ivory white. The neutral color fabric is thick and durable.

Of you are a fan of Black-White-Wood interiors, you may want to consider the black and white boucle option. It looks amazing and so much in balance with warm natural wood!

Happy shopping with LinenSpace!



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